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Check out all the main ongoing projects
that you can get involved in too!

Mygrants for Gig Economy

with World Bank

A path dedicated to identifying profiles that can be spent on gig economy platforms in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan

Find out more!

Mygrants for Trentino

with Fondazione Demarchi

A training and support path towards job placement dedicated to young people between 16 and 23 years old resident in Trentino

Find out more!

Fashion Deserves the World

with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

If you are fascinated by the fashion, textile and clothing industries, this project is perfect for you!

Application closed!

Mygrants for Afghanistan

with Cultura Italiae

A path dedicated to the mapping of the background dedicated to people evacuated from Afghanistan to Italy and GreeceFind out more!

Match the future

with Junior Achievement Italia

With Match The Future find out how to become an entrepreneur and open your own business
Application closed!

Wella Making Waves

with Wella e l’UNICEF

A technical and stylistic training course for those with a passion for the world of hairstyles

Application closed!

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