Faq – Cashme

General Info

What is Cashme?

Cashme is the financial rewarding service that allows Mygrants users to earn money every month by learning..

Where can I download the Cashme app?

Cashme is not an app but a feature of Mygrants. So you don’t have to download any app, just login and/or create your account on the Mygrants app!

Where can I download the Mygrants app?

Being a web app, Mygrants does not need to be downloaded. You can access it directly from the browser on your device. Login or create an account from there!

On which devices can I use Mygrants and Cashme?

Mygrants is a simple web app. Therefore you can access it from any Android or iOS device/smartphone or from any computer or tablet. Login or create an account from there!

Are Mygrants and Cashme free of charge?

Yes! Sì! Oui! Mygrants aims to provide everyone with high-quality training and opportunities, while Cashme is the financial rewarding service that allows Mygrants users to earn money each month by learning.

So we don’t charge you any fees, on the contrary! With Cashme you can earn money every month by learning!

How does Cashme work?
  1. Set: Set your monthly educational/economic goal and accept your challenge
  2. Achieve: follow your training course and achieve your pre-established monthly training goal before other participants
  3. Convert: if you have reached 100% of your monthly training goal, convert the accumulated monthly score into Euros – subject to the available budget
  4. Receive: receive in your current account the sum you set as a monthly economic goal
  5. Manage/Spend: set aside or spend the sum received depending on your needs and / or wishes
  6. Report: send Mygrants a screenshot to report how you managed or spent the sum received
Who can apply for Cashme?

All Trainees registered on Mygrants. Not registered yet? Waste no more time, create and customize your account now!

Are there any requirements to apply for Cashme?

Yes, the requirements are:

  • must be a status applicant or beneficiary
  • must have a valid residence permit
  • must have an identity document and an alphanumeric tax code
  • become a Mygrants user, if you are not already part of the community

If you meet these requirements, you have all the credentials to start earning money by learning!

Who makes the money available for Cashme?

Mygrants of course!

Why are you doing this?

We believe that public and private organizations have a duty to invest in the human capital of those who decide to commit to their own personal, professional and financial growth.
And it certainly is a duty for Mygrants.

What is the ‘thinking’ behind Cashme?

We Mygrants are critics, innovators, subversive, visionaries. We believe that:

  • if ‘access to credit’ is still linked to ‘reputation and credibility’, the time has come to give all people who are excluded from formal economic and financial circuits, including obviously migrants, the possibility of generating (even from scratch), nurturing (continuously) and demonstrating (with evidence and in an understandable way) their reputation and economic and financial credibility.

And we are doing it by considering new criteria, such as

  • the general quality in the training course
  • proficiency in financial education and savings
  • potential, current or future career destination
  • ability to set and achieve goals, in a constant way
  • constant congruence between how money is claimed to be used and how it is actually used.
Can I invite relatives, friends, acquaintances?

Of course!

It would be a shame not to share an opportunity of this kind with others!

Copy and paste this link son WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and invite all your relatives, friends and acquaintances to Cashme!

The more, the better! The available budget increases every month!

How it works

What do I have to do in order to earn by learning?
  1. Set your educational/economic goal and accept the challenge
  2. Choose a “Professional Destination” on the Mygrants app
  3. Reach and/or exceed the following parameters
  4. Complete this with a good score and in good time and, above all, before the other participants.
For which professional destinations is there an available budget?

Every month Mygrants makes a budget available for the roles and professional destinations that are most in demand by companies and the labor market. This is to encourage you to carry out the training and assessment that are useful for seizing the best job opportunities available.

How can I make sure I earn by learning?

The ability to convert your monthly score into cash depends on the amount of the Available Monthly Budget, on your ability to achieve the monthly training goal and on merit.

Therefore, reaching the Available Monthly Budget depends on the progression of the participants’ achievement of their own training goals and the subsequent conversion (or not) of the accumulated monthly score into Euros by the Trainees.

Cashme is also based on merit, so the first participant to achieve their educational goal is the first to convert their score into cash. The second participant to achieve their educational goal will be second to convert their score into cash. And so on, until the Available Monthly Budget is exhausted.

This means that in order to “make sure” that you convert your monthly score into cash, you must achieve your monthly goal before the other participants.

How much can I earn each month with Cashme?

The sum of money you could earn each month depends on the total in the Available Monthly Budget for that particular month.

The Available Monthly Budget may vary depending on various factors, including the percentage of funds actually converted into Euros in the previous month.

You can set as a monthly economic goal (and aim to convert into Euros) anything from €50 to €500, although Mygrants does not recommend setting a goal higher than € 250 per month.

How can I track my ranking?

You can monitor both your performance and your ranking from the app.

Click on the “Performance” button to view the activities you did that day, week and month, and also the degree of progress and the quality of the activity carried out.

Click on the “Ranking” button to see your ranking and gather how hard you have to work to climb up the leaderboard, ensure that you are among the top rank and convert your score into cash.

What happens if I don't reach my monthly goal?

Even if you did not reach your monthly goal this month, you have certainly improved and updated your skillset and, most likely, you have also strengthened your sense of initiative and your ability to take on competition!

Putting yourself to the test helps to constantly improve!

Motivation, perseverance and dedication are virtues we can work on. Don’t give up now! As soon as it’s published, apply to the next conversion and get back in the game!

Good luck!

How often can I apply to Cashme?
The duration of a Cashme ‘cycle’ is a full month (for example form the first day of the month to the last day of the month) and each month closes and opens a new cycle.

This means that you can apply to Cashme every month, as every month there is a new challenge, a new Available Budget and new training goals to set and achieve!

Delivery of money

How is the money given to the winners?

For those who already have a current account (bank or postal): Mygrants will pay the sum by bank transfer directly into your current account.
For those who do not yet have a current account (bank or postal): Mygrants will pay, via PayPal, the sum of money directly to your email address. Clicking on the link in the email confirming the transfer, the recipient can create a PayPal account in a few short steps and immediately have at their disposal the money paid.

N.B.: every month the Cashed (i.e. those who have seen their score converted into money) also receive a pay slip from Mygrants to legitimize and account for the prestazione occasionale payment.

What is a prestazione occasionale?

Prestazione occasionale payments are used for occasional provisions of work services of various kinds in a limited time.

Prestazione occasionale contracts are also defined as ‘casual work’ and provide for specific rights and protections for the worker

Positive aspects of a prestazione occasionale?

A prestazione occasionale is a tool that can be used by people who carry out occasional, casual or sporadic work activities.

To carry out occasional work it is not necessary to have a VAT registration (in Italian, a partita IVA), in fact this kind of contract can be used, in some cases, also for employees.

Negative aspects of a prestazione occasionale?

Due to the occasional nature of the work, this type of contract provides for limits on earnings.

It is not possible to collect a total of payments that exceed the threshold limit of 5,000 Euros per year. This applies to the overall total of occasional services that take place throughout the year.

As services being provided for the same user (Mygrants), legislation requires that the total annual remuneration cannot exceed
2.500 euros .

However, this limit does not apply to:

  • students aged 25 years and under;
  • pensioners;
  • unemployed taxpayers
  • taxpayers who receive income-related benefits (for example the Reddito di Cittadinanza).

In these cases, the maximum limit can reach 6.666 euros per year.


How is my data used?

Navigation data

Like many website operators, we collect information that your browser sends whenever you visit our website (“Log Data”).
This Log Data may include information such as your computer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, your browser type, your browser version, which pages of our Site you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages and other statistics.
This information is not collected in order to be matched with identified interested parties, however by its very nature it could, by being processed and matched with data held by third parties, allow Trainees to be identified.

Data Voluntarily Provided by Trainees

The optional, explicit and voluntary submission of personal data through specific forms within the website, or through the email addresses listed on the website, involves taking note of the sender’s email address, as well as any other personal data included in the form or message.

The Data controller will use the data voluntarily provided by a Trainee to manage any request submitted by the latter. The Trainee is not required to provide personal data, however if he or she chooses not to, the Data controller may not be able to handle the requests.

The data provided will be processed by the Data controller and its employees, agents and/or people authorised for this purpose. Data will not be shared with third parties and will not be transmitted for disclosure.


Do you need to contact us, for whatever reason?

Don’t hesitate to write to us at info.cashme@mygrants.it!