Faq – Mygrants


What is Mygrants?

Based in Catania and Bologna (Italy), Mygrants is a for-profit digital company founded by Chris Richmond Nzi and Aisha Coulibaly and backed by 3 Business Angels in early 2017.
Mygrants is the first app based on adaptive microlearning and thematic module quizzes especially designed to provide several services to immigrants, including: information, training and career placement. Other services may be developed.

How did Mygrants start?

The idea of developing Mygrants came in late September 2016. In that year, the number of immigrants who arrived on Italian shores reached its peak (181.823) since the beginning of the Arab Spring. At the time it seemed clear that on a national, European and international level there were no useful solutions that could provide effective support to immigrants while also generating systemic economic and social value for the benefit of the host communities.
After an in-depth market research, we decided to use our skills to develop a far-reaching – digital – solution, capable of transforming one of the most impactful social challenges of our time, immigration, into a great win-win opportunity.

What is Mygrants’ mission?

To unleash the power of technology in order to transform the migration phenomenon into a huge social and economic opportunity for both immigrants and host communities.
We believe that “better” data could help generate better immigration outcomes, such as:

  • validate background experience and tailor-made skills development;
  • speed up asylum procedures and reduce public expenses;
  • relocate asylum seekers and status holders based on available skills and market shortages;
  • fill European labour market shortages in a targeted way;
  • build higher trust between immigrants and banks, insurances, householders, etc.;
  • increase net remittance flows from Europe to the Countries of origin;

That’s Mygrants’ mission.

How does Mygrants differ from other educational platforms?

Mygrants isn’t a quizzing platform. We’re a rapid learning platform.
Our algorithms are designed to have the Trainee master the content in as little time and with as little effort as possible. There is no general purpose learning tool like it.


How do I create my profile on Mygrants?

To create your profile on Mygrants:


  1. Go to app.mygrants
  2. Enter a username (your real name or invented), your email address and a password
  3. Enter your Invitation Code if you have one (you will skip points B and C), otherwise leave the box empty
  4. Confirm the information and click “Continue”


  1. SChoose what you consider to be your priority: getting “information”, strengthening, updating, and validating your competences to find a “job” or acquiring and strengthening your “entrepreneurial skills”
  2. Click“Continue”


  1. Based on your skills, interests and ambitions, choose what you consider to be your ideal professional “destination”
  2. Click “Continue”

Welcome to your “Home page”!

How do I cancel (delete/remove) my account?

Sorry to see you leave the Community. Please email us at support@mygrants.it requesting the cancellation of your account.

What are the requirements for using Mygrants?

Practically none! Mygrants believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn regardless of their previous knowledge. Therefore you only have to be able to read in one of the available languages (English, Italian and French). You do not speak any of these 3 languages? Let us know in which languages you would like us to translate the content.

Besides that, you will need access to the Internet and a smartphone, tablet or computer. We are working to make it possible to use the web app offline, but for now you still need to be connected to the Internet to access the content.

How do I get an Invitation Code to create my Mygrants’ profile?

To get an Invitation Code and participate in a specific project, contact us by sending an email to info@mygrants.it.

The projects for which an Invitation Code is required are:

  • Operazione Risorgimento Digitale: aims to provide Trainees with basic training on digital literacy, to give everyone the opportunity to actively participate in an increasingly digitalised society. The Invitation Code to access the project is: TIM
On which devices can I use Mygrants?
Mygrants is a simple web app. Therefore you can access it from any Android or iOS device/smartphone or from any computer or tablet.
Where can I download the Mygrants app?

Being a web app, Mygrants does not need to be downloaded. You can access it directly from the browser on your device.

Is Mygrants free of charge?

Yes! Sì! Oui! Mygrants aims to provide everyone with high-quality education and opportunity, therefore we don’t charge you any fees.

I am having some issues or questions. Who should I reach out to?

If you have any questions or issues, please send an email to support@mygrants.it.

Content & Education

Who provides the educational content available on Mygrants?

Mygrants’ content may come from different sources, including online, from leading companies, corporations, foundations and public institutions.

Who creates the content on Mygrants?

The Mygrants’ Team is responsible for the design, production, quality-check, translation and management of all content.

Can I decide which topic to learn?

Absolutely! You can personalise your own journey. You can decide which topics you want to validate/learn. The only restriction is that you won’t be able to move to the next levels (Intermediate, Advanced and Expert) if you don’t complete the first level (Beginner) of progression.
You can skip the modules of each level of progression (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert) only by completing the Final Test of the specific level with at least 70% of correct answers.
For Mygrants it is important to let you choose what you like and are interested in studying because we believe that self-motivation is a key driver for success.

Is the content designed for independent learning or is it supposed to support a blended model?

Mygrants was designed as an independent learning model: in this way you can create your own journey and develop skills that are personally relevant and chosen by you. All our services are digital-based, giving us the opportunity to deliver the same service with the same quality in real time to all Trainees.

What can I learn with Mygrants? (*How often do you update the app?)

Our content is divided into 3 categories: INFORMATION, TRAINING, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
Each of these categories is composed of specific macro-themes (as listed below) that include several courses. Each course has 4 different levels of progression: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.


  • Global News: A series of modules published every single week aiming to inform Trainees about important news, facts and events that have happened around the world that week.
  • Asylum System: aims to explain how the Italian and European asylum system works, including the rights and duties of immigrants.
  • Social Challenges: aims to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Jugaad philosophy and how (social, green and digital) entrepreneurship is fundamental for social cohesion and economic growth.
  • Rights and Duties: aims to educate Trainees on “being a citizen” in all its meaning. This includes rights but also duties, which, starting with those enshrined in the Constitution, protect and guarantee the full development of the person and the promotion of social harmony.
  • Unaccompanied Migrant Children:aims to inform Trainees about the policies and services of the asylum system that concern the reception of unaccompanied and separated children (UASC).
  • National Health Service: aims to inform Trainees about the right to healthcare, how to access the National Health Service and its available services.
  • Labour Law: aims to inform Trainees about the rules that define the rights and duties of employees and allow workers to defend their work and improve their working and living conditions through employment (self-defence).
  • Career Orientation: Work is the great emancipator. This section aims to inform Trainees about the many ways to take advantage of the best job-hunting channels and how to deal with companies’ selection stages.
  • Orientation to Local Services: Good local orientation is the strategic link for gaining autonomy. This section aims to inform Trainees about the main services available in the territory and how to access them.
  • Workplace Safety: Safety information is necessary to make Trainees aware of their rights and duties. It is essential to guarantee all workers an appropriate training on the importance of safety standards.
  • Economic and Financial Literacy: aims to make Trainees aware of financial opportunities and risks, to allow them to make informed choices, to know where to turn for assistance and how to take further efficient steps to improve their financial well-being.

Courses in TRAINING

  • Soft Skills: We created these modules based on the fact that 60% of companies perceive soft skills (transversal competences) as more important than hard skills.
  • Hard Skills 1: We structure the courses according to market shortages and the characteristics of a vast range of professional roles.
  • Hard Skills 2: We structure the courses according to market shortages and the characteristics of a vast range of professional roles.
  • Language assessment: We validate language proficiency (English, French, Italian) using the CEFR standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Its six reference levels are widely accepted as the global standard for grading an individual’s language proficiency.


  • Social Challenges: aims to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Jugaad philosophy and how (social, green and digital) entrepreneurship is fundamental for social cohesion and economic growth.
  • Ideas and Opportunities: to learn to recognise opportunities, develop creative and purposeful ideas, work towards your own vision for the future, assess the consequences and impact of each action.
  • Resources: to learn how to find and manage personal resources (for example, self-awareness and self-efficacy, motivation and perseverance), material ones (for example, means of production and financial resources) or immaterial ones (for example, specific knowledge, skills and attitudes).
  • In Action: to learn to take the initiative, organise and manage priorities, make decisions that address risks and uncertainties, work with others, and learn from experiences.
  • Economic and Financial Literacy: aims to make Trainees aware of financial opportunities and risks, to allow them to make informed choices, to know where to turn for assistance and how to take further efficient steps to improve their financial well-being.
Is the Mygrants’ content certified?

No. Mygrants is an app providing formal education through an informal digital tool. Our assessment process is not based on certification; it is based on continuous validation of skills, competences and abilities. The validation process can be used by private and/or public entities to (formally) certificate skills, competences and abilities.

In which languages is the content available?

Our content is available in English, Italian and French. We are open to translate and develop the quizzes in other languages if we receive enough requests.

I've finished all the module quizzes. What should I do now?

If you have finished all modules, first make sure you have completed all four levels of each topic: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. If that’s the case, you will then have to wait for a new content update in order to access new modules.
If you have finished all the modules and your profile matches the requirements outlined by one or more companies, your profile will be suggested (through Pickme) to private companies as one of the most suitable profiles that satisfies their specifications.
Through Pickme, companies have the opportunity to pick a profile in real time or track the weekly performance and plan the recruitment of the most suitable profile according to the role that they require.

Is Mygrants planning to deliver other services?

Access to credit will be our next challenge.
If credit is linked to reputation and credibility, we need to give the opportunity to immigrants to build and measure their reputation and credibility – through evidence. Instead of just looking at credit history, we will measure each Trainee’s credit potential by taking in consideration factors such as the quality of their online training, their proficiency in economic and financial literacy, their future career placement and their LTV (lifetime value).
We believe that helping the most deserving Trainees to become financially independent is good for them as well as for businesses and society overall.

How can Mygrants help me with my career and/or business?

Mygrants’ main innovative feature is to make the measurement of the Trainees’ performance as objective as possible by creating assessment benchmarks and clusters. The digital tool for data collection and developed analytics allow to describe the learning trajectories of each Trainee throughout the learning path, informing them of their progress, to motivate them and involve them in an active learning process. Mygrants analyses collected data to ease the matching between expressed skills and professional profiles needed in the labour market.

Learning methodologies

What learning methodologies are used in Mygrants?

We use a range of methodologies that we believe are the most effective in delivering strong results in education. These are:

  • Adaptive learning
  • Microlearning
  • Adaptive microlearning
  • Gamification of learning
  • Mobile learning

To learn more about these methodologies, please read the explanations below.

What is adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning is the opposite of one-size-fits-all. Instead of every Trainee receiving the same learning experience, adaptive learning provides a tailored experience for each Trainee.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is a general term, which describes breaking up content into small bites of knowledge. Mygrants’ use of the term goes further, to describe accelerating engagement and learning by delivering those small bits of content directly to the Trainee on an automated basis.

What is adaptive microlearning?

Adaptive microlearning combines the learning theory of adaptive learning with the delivery mechanism of microlearning, resulting in a highly effective training system.

What is gamification of learning?

Unlike game-based learning, which actually has Trainees play a video game, gamification of learning is the process of using game mechanics to engage Trainees and leverage their intrinsic motivation to achieve mastery on a topic. Mygrants leverages three types of game mechanics: engagement mechanics, learning mechanics and assessment mechanics; these mechanics are responsible to create an atmosphere where the Trainee wants to get better and achieve mastery.

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning is the concept of using technology to learn at the point of need. It’s perfectly positioned to support the concept of microlearning, which is all about delivering content in specific bursts, on a specific topic, at the discretion of the Trainee. It’s not a coincidence that microlearning and mobile learning are becoming more and more popular at the same time; they are inseparable.

Do Trainees retain their mastery forever?

Mygrants dynamically calculates a single datum of forgetfulness for each Trainee for each Concept, which is based on his or her Strength Of Learning (SOL) for that specific Concept. This datum is then used to decrement the Trainee’s level of mastery over time, simulating their real curve of forgetfulness.
The Trainees that prove a greater mastery of a Concept will “forget” more slowly than Trainees who take longer to acquire and master that skill.


How much time do I have to complete a module quiz? (the difference between the Final Test and normal modules)

There is no time limit to complete the module quizzes. The only exception is the Final Test, where you have 3 or 5 minutes (depending on the number of questions) to finish and you can only repeat it after 7 days.

How many levels are available?

The courses included in the categories TRAINING and ENTREPRENEURSHIP are divided in four different progression levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.
The courses included in the category INFORMATION, instead, have no progression level.

How do I start learning?

The first thing to do to start your activity on Mygrants is to decide your priority, so that our algorithm can create your learning path and make it available in your Home. Then, you can choose which course and module you want to learn first. Once you open a module, the quiz will launch (read each question and select an answer from the multiple choice that you think to be the correct one). It is important to understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process! If you pick an answer that happens to be wrong, an explanatory note will appear with the correct answer. By reading it, you will learn quickly and gain a better understanding of the concept!

How do I collect points and what are they for?

You collect one point each time you select a correct answer. If you decide to repeat one or more modules (except Final Tests), you will again get a point for each correct answer.
The accumulated points generate two rankings, the first general and the second specifically based on your “priority” and/or your “destination”. In the rankings, you can view your position in real time. The rankings are updated every time you carry out an activity (by completing one or more module quizzes) on the platform.

What is the purpose of the ranking? How can I improve my ranking position?

The ranking allows you to understand how your level of knowledge and performance is compared with other Trainees. This can help you improve your performance over time depending on your goals, ambitions and potential. Some people also use the ranking as a form of motivation and personal challenge. Competing might be a good instrument to push you further!
Bear in mind that we provide you with two options:

  1. the general ranking, where you can check your position compared to all Trainees active on Mygrants;
  2. the specific ranking, where you can check how your performance is compared to the other Trainees who selected the same priority or destination as you.
How many times can I repeat a module? (the difference between the Final Test and normal modules)

You can repeat each single module quiz (except the Final Test) as many times as you want. However, if you wish to repeat a Final Test, you have to wait 7 days before re-submitting.

Do I get points if I repeat a module?

Yes. You will get a point for each correct answer even if you repeat a module you already did before. If you repeat a Final Test (re-submitting after 7 days) you will get a point for each correct answer.
But wait! Repetition can be useful and your efforts may be admirable if you had difficulty in the previous attempts, or if you wish to reinforce a concept that you are forgetting or that you find really interesting. However, repeating modules that you have already mastered just to collect points won’t add anything for you and therefore, this practice won’t be perceived favourably.
Fair play is always rule #1!

What should be done to fully complete a module?

The module is complete once you have answered all questions. The ideal would be to get at least 60% correct answers. We encourage you to only move on from the module when you are sure that you have learned all of its most important concepts.

Can I start more than one course at the same time?

Yes! You can start a module of a course and then, whenever you want, switch and pick another course.

How do I unlock the next module?

To date, there is no requirement to unlock the next module quiz of the same level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert). The modules are therefore all unlocked. If you want to unlock the modules of the next difficulty level (e.g. Beginner to Intermediate) you must pass the Final Test with at least 70% of correct answers.

How do I unlock the “Final Test”?

The Final Test validates your level of mastery in one or more concepts of a course. In order to access the Final Test, you have two possibilities:
If you believe you already have the skills on which the modules preceding the Final Test are based, you can skip the modules and directly access the Final Test to validate your previous skills and move forward to the next level of progression.
Alternatively, before taking the Final Test, you can take the module quizzes that precede the Final Test to learn or repeat the most important concepts.
Remember that if you do not complete the Final Test within the allocated time and with at least 70% of correct answers, you will have to wait a week before you can repeat it and unlock the next level!

What is a Badge?

The Badge is an icon representing an acquired/validated skill. Specifically, in Mygrants the Badge:

  • Represents that you have successfully completed the Assessment (Final Test) for that given skill or sub-skill
  • Shows companies and recruiters that you have taken on a challenge and have validated your level of mastery for that given skill or sub-skill
  • Is valid for 6 months and then expires
How do I earn a Badge?

Every time you complete an Assessment (Final Test) with at least 70% of correct answers, you earn a Badge.

What are the final destinations that I can pursue on Mygrants?

Thanks to the monthly performance monitoring, we are able to map existing skills, identify potential talents and the most deserving individuals to guide them to the most suitable opportunities (grants) based on their skills and attitudes. Therefore, you can benefit from 3 different opportunities:

  • access to basic and higher education;
  • job placement;
  • entrepreneurial support
What is a personal profile?

The personal profile is a section on the platform that collects a set of data related to the Trainee. From your personal profile you can change the initial settings (language, priority and professional destination) and download your Dynamic CV in PDF format.

What information does the personal profile include?

The profile includes information about you and is divided into 5 sections:

  • Personal details;
  • Previous education;
  • Professional experiences;
  • Hobbies and interests;
  • Mobility;

Each section has a form to be filled in with the relevant information. Some personal information, such as your mobile number and location, is particularly important for when you are shortlisted by a company. After filling in your personal profile, you can choose whether to make it private or public (visible to all companies or only to those who put you on their shortlist). You can complete your personal profile at any time.

Can I download the educational content?

No, not yet — but you can always return to our web app to access all the content you need.

I have a question/concern about some of the content. Who can I contact?

If you have a question or a concern, you can contact us by emailing “support@mygrants.it”. Very important: you must provide us with:

  • the name of the module (if possible);
  • Your problem/question giving as much detail and information as possible, otherwise it may be difficult to help you.

We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I skip the topics I already know?

Yes, by successfully completing the Final Test (with at least 70% of correct answers).

How can I see all the modules that are available?

After having successfully completed the registration process, your personalised learning path will appear in your Home. If you plan to add other courses (not included in your learning path) you can search for them using the search bar or browse the library containing all available courses.

I forgot my username/password. How can I recover them?

Sito web:

  1. In the login page, click “Forgot your password” located at the bottom of the page;
  2. Write your email or username in the box and click “Reset password”;
  3. Go to your inbox, open the email sent by Mygrants and click on the link for“Reset password”;
  4. Create a new password and type it in both boxes. Then click“Change password”;
  5. Now type your email/username and your new password to login.


How does Mygrants use my data?

Navigation data

Like many website operators, we collect information that your browser sends whenever you visit our Site (“Log Data”).
This Log Data may include information such as your computer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, your browser type, your browser version, which pages of our Site you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages and other statistics.
This information is not collected in order to be matched with identified interested parties, however by its very nature it could, by being processed and matched with data held by third parties, allow Trainees to be identified.

Data Voluntarily Provided by Trainees

The optional, explicit and voluntary submission of personal data through specific forms within the site, or through the email addresses listed on the site, involves taking note of the sender’s email address, as well as any other personal data included in the form or message.

The Data controller will use the data voluntarily provided by a Trainee to manage any request submitted by the latter. The Trainee is not required to provide personal data, however if he or she chooses not to, the Data controller may not be able to handle the requests.

The data provided will be processed by the Data controller and its employees, agents and/or people authorised for this purpose. Data will not be shared with third parties and will not be transmitted for disclosure.

What is a Dynamic CV?

The Dynamic CV is a document that is automatically generated based on the activity you carry out on the platform. Each time you complete a Final Test, the quality of your answers is checked and your performance is updated in real time on the Dynamic CV. You can view your Dynamic CV at any time directly from the “Profile” page or from the “Performance” page. Thanks to the Dynamic CV, you have a ready-made profile of skills and knowledge validated and updated in real time.

The Dynamic CV shows:

  • your activity on the platform (days online, learning hours, completed modules, correct answers);
  • accumulated points, correct answers and average time to finish a single module;
  • achievements (consistency, abilities, completed Final Tests, ranking position);
  • acquired Badges (validated knowledge and skills)
  • your language level (English, French, Italian).

You can download your Dynamic CV directly in PDF from your profile.

What (general and personal) information does the Dynamic CV include?

The Dynamic CV will bring the most important information found in any CV or Résumé, including the data related to your performance in the app, all in one single page. The information that the Dynamic CV includes is the following:

General information:

  1. Username
  2. E-mail address
  3. Mobile number
  4. Location/Residence
  5. Extra information (such as if you have a driver’s license, if you are available to move to another city, etc.)

Activity online:

  1. Sign-up date
  2. Days of activity
  3. Hours spent online


  1. Abilities
  2. Perseverance
  3. Badges
  4. Ranking


  1. Module quizzes completed
  2. Module quizzes repeated
  3. Points collected
  4. Average time per module

Soft & Hard Skills:

  1. Top 5 soft skills
  2. Top 5 hard skills

Language Level:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Italian

Soon we will also add the following languages: Spanish and Arabic.


How many Trainees does Mygrants have?

We have Trainees in all Regions of Italy. In total we have 88.000 Trainees, 12.000 of whom are across Africa, mainly in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria.

Can I become an ambassador for Mygrants?

Sure you can! Please contact us by writing to: info@mygrants.it

How can I support Mygrants? Can I be a sponsor?

Sure you can! Please contact us by writing to: info@mygrants.it


Is Mygrants open for new partnerships?

Definitely yes! We are always open to create fruitful partnerships. Please contact us by writing to: info@mygrants.it

I have a proposal. With whom should I talk to?

That is great! Please contact us by writing to: info@mygrants.it


Can I become a volunteer for Mygrants?

Yes, you can! Mygrants is always open to receive help from outside. Please send us an email telling us a bit about yourself, if you have interest in helping with something specific, and if possible, attach your CV. Please make it clear in the email’s subject line that you are looking for a volunteer position.

Please contact us by writing to: work@mygrants.it