Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to positively impact the lives of billions of people and to share and showcase all our talent

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We believe that

too many migrant Entrepreneurs fail to raise capital. Take part in our 4 workshops to learn how to think like an Investor and increase your chances of successfully closing your next fundraising round

The Art of Fundraising

Learn how to
think like
an investor!

I have an idea

September 30 | 5:30 pm

What are the different types of capital available?

I have a prototype

October 7 | 5:30 pm

What “material” is needed to hook Investors?

I am in business

14 October | 5:30 pm

An investor wants too many shares, how can I negotiate?

Behind the Scenes

21 October | 5:30 pm

How does a fund work, why does it invest, and how does it make money?

I need to scale up

28 October | 5:30 pm

APPS, term sheets, closing: how do I manage the intricacies?

For us “success” means putting others in a position to positively impact the lives of billions of people!

Migrant Entrepreneurs

We support the birth and growth of digital, business-oriented enterprises with a high social impact

BlackDelicious Lab

The best African cuisine at your door in 30 minutes


Healthy & fast-food chicken, guinea fowl and turkey meals


The agency representing talents of African descent


The university for learning how to monetize creativity and talent


The platform where Scouts can find sports and cultural talents

Luxury of Homes

Consulting services for high-end real estate and interior design

Non-migrant Entrepreneurs

For us “success” means empowering others to continue to innovate, grow and prosper

Spazio 2030

Bringing together organizations to learn about SDGs


Community of coaches and mentors for women empowerment


Give your clothes a new life and value: repair, reuse and sell