Through training, Mygrants promotes and supports the contribution that the migrant community can make to the growth and socio-economic development of the host country.

Immigration as progress is the guiding thread of the three days, which begins on December 16 th and ends on December 18 th on the occasion of International Immigration Day. The three days will take place in Bologna in the most innovative location: La Scuderia – Piazza Verdi 2. At the heart of the event, there will be a hackathon aimed at developing solutions that facilitate the integration process of migrants. In order to build synergy and cohesion, the initiative will involve, in addition to the fifty talents of Mygrants’ Community, University students and experts in the field of innovation. MygrantsDays is also a celebration for the Mygrants community that will see participants from 9 regions of the peninsula gather in three days.
During the event, there will be many activities: moments of discussion related to entrepreneurship and innovation, motivational speeches, artistic initiatives, tastings and cooking shows, educational speeches under the main topic: migration as progress. The journey that an immigrant has to face once he has arrived in a foreign country can be divided into 3 phases: DEPENDANCE, RESILIENCE, EMANCIPATION.



December 16, 2017


December 17, 2017


December 18, 2017


“I will either find a way or make mine”, in a proactive spirit, the main activity of MygrantsDays will be the hackathon that aims to develop concrete and user-friendly solutions to ease and enable migrants’ integration processes.


A Hackathon is a competition in which various professional profiles can actively participate in a process of operational design and co-development of innovative projects. Therefore, a unique opportunity to test the ability, creativity and desire to do. The duration of the competition coincides with the entire event: during the three days the participants, gathered in multidisciplinary teams, will work actively to transform ideas that generate value for others into action. Each team will present their project in front of all the participants at the end of the event.


They concern the migrant journey, that is the path that an immigrant faces once arrived in a foreign country. The 4 main challenges are:



The process of collecting, verifying, validating, exchanging data and information relating to migrants are often complex and not integrated. This means that document delivery systems that generate high withdrawal periods and lack of accuracy that does not protect the migrant in the host community are not very effective.


To design new processes, also using innovative technologies, which can facilitate the collection, verification, validation and exchange of information related to the identity of migrants.

Job placement


Only 4% of migrants granted international protection find professional employment for more than 6 months. Too few are the reception centres in which the weekly teaching hours provided by the Sprar guidelines are given. Moreover, a serious lack of social inclusion pathways is often found. Work is both the first enabler for migrant independence and an important resource for social development of the host community.


To identify, through the mapping of skills, interests and attitudes of immigrants, potential talents, enabling, promoting and facilitating their training processes before work placement.



The first and second reception are characterized by long withdrawal periods and uncertainty, often experienced in medium and large structures, isolated from the city and without opportunities for knowledge of the territory and socialization with the host community. Moreover, in the following phases migrants can not access traditional real estate circuits due to the high entrance barriers.


To design projects that make it possible to enhance and increase access to the housing system with the aim of creating circular socio-economic development between migrants and host communities.

Access to credit


The system of migrant companies in Italy exceeds 580,000 on the total stock. In 2017 their incidence rose to 9.5%, an index of an immigrant population increasingly active in the country's economic scenario. Although this trend is highly positive, there are many constraints that slow down the entrepreneurial potential of the migrant community, including: access to credit, business support, the availability of tangible and intangible assets.


To develop digital solutions that can facilitate access to services (such as credit and advisory), and the availability of tangible and intangible assets that facilitate the start-up of entrepreneurial activities.

Solutions by our talents


Integration centres to improve language skills, deliver useful local information and offer business support. Build an online marketplace to satisfy the growing request of immigrant food.


Keep the identity of the country of origin through food products while creating long term jobs in host communities, generating a conductive environment and fastering inte(raction)gration process.

Group AJob Placement


Building promising young entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial learning platform for development of business knowledge and essential skills and attitudes including creativity, initiative, tenacity, teamwork, understanding of risk and a sense of responsibility


“Build entrepreneurial mind-set helps promising social entrepreneurs transform ideas into action and also significantly increases employability, increase of state income through tax contribution while offering relevant local services, generating value for others”

Group BJob Placement

MAC: Migrants Access to Credit

The first crowfunding platform which connects potential entrepreneurs with migrants investors who already run a business.


Access to financial products allows migrants to gain higher returns on capital. This leads to increases in their income and consequently affects host communities economic growth. Effective financial systems can mobilize savings to finance productive economic ventures and improve the probability of successful innovations.

Group CAccess to Credit


App that connects immigrants who have already arrived in Europe with those who intend to start the journey with the purpose of providing certified information – by Mygrants -, real-time news related to the limitations of rights and access to services when the asylum seeker does not intend to provide its true identity to the authorities.


Reducing migratory flows towards the southern coasts of Europe allowing migrants to receive fundamental information on the risks of the journey and the process for obtaining a status while raising awareness on existing local opportunities

Group DIdentity