Welcome on Mygrants!

Mygrants is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a way to be. You were born Mygrant or simply not. Sometimes, we lose our way, that’s true. However, as soon as we get the chance, we need to take advantage of it. We were born for it, and we would die for it.

I Will either find a way or make my own.

I’m on an airplane and the destination of this flight is to the other side. Guess I have to go there, guess I have to come here yeah. I know where I’m from but now I’m headed where I’m going right! But there are powers, in the air, you can’t see them. And they have rockets and machine guns, they’re firing on my plane“!
Mali Music | Influencer & Artist


Brother and Sisters, welcome on board!

We are Mygrants. Simple as that. Through passion, with purpose and with our closest people, we founded Mygrants: a social enterprise that aims to help you all. We provide fundamental information, guidance and legal assistance through all procedural steps of the asylum system. We support you from departure to arrival. But most importantly, we support you in building a solid livelihood in a country you desire and deserve to call home.

We offer to you:

_ Fundamental human rights
_ European fundamental rights
_ European asylum system & Hotspots
_ Disembarkation & Foglio Notizie
_ Italian Reception System

_ SPRAR system
_ C3 & Verbalizzazione
_ Access to education
_ Territorial Commission
_ Influencers

_ Identify opportunities
_ Think creatively
_ Focus on your vision
_ Value your ideas
_ Ethical & sustainable thinking

This includes our online educational platform that generates the engagement you need. We deliver all the information through useful thematic quizzes specially created to empower your basic skills. Show dedication, perseverance and continue following your interests and intuitions.  You could have the opportunity to participate in professional training, participate in public appearances, win a free ticket to go to events, get a scholarship to join study hubs, career services and much more! At Mygrants, we call these opportunities, Grants. Simple as it is.
There are many opportunities out there. Mygrants, together with partners and sponsors, is offering you the chance to get involved and reach your full potential. The service is delivered via all kind of smartphones. It’s free of charge, and it always will be.

To date, we’re testing our service with over 23’000 immigrants located in Italy. Super users include Unaccompanied Minors (UAM) disembarked in Italy.

Aut viam imveniam aut faciam | I will either find a way or make mine


Though I’m not sure what’s ’bout to happen next, I asked for strength from the Lord up above. Cause I’ve been strong so far but I can feel my grip loosening. Quick, do something before you lose it for good, get it back and use it for good“!
J Cole | Advocate & Artist


When the heaviness of being successful is replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again

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