Miseries  will never cease if prior, to political power …

there will arrive frankly philosophers, or the heads of the politicians will  not become, for some divine reasons, true philosophers

Plato, Letter VII | Influencer & Philosopher

Philosophers, taught the art of word, of speech and of rhetoric. These, were fundamental virtues to dominate popular assemblies, guide popular votes and obtain public office.

According to Plato, philosophy is not limited to a particular knowledge, but accompanies all knowledge with the right use of knowledge itself, to know how to use the knowledge. The philosopher himself, according to Plato, is the real political precisely because it is no mere specialist in political, technical speeches, concerned only to prevail in the assemblies, ignoring what truth is, what true his property and to all men. According to Plato, the rulers must be philosophers, because only those who know the true nature of things is able to drive and inspire wise actions, being evil resulting from ignorance. For these reasons, according to Plato, the man must be educated by a society that considers the knowledge and fairness as its highest purpose, and to this end, submit all its structure and organization

Welcome on Mygrants! We are much more than an online educational platform!

Mygrants | I will either find a way or make mine

Why we decided to overcome this challenge?

Because the migration challenge can be turned into an opportunity to create more growth and jobs: Europe needs all its talents and migrant entrepreneurs represent a source of untapped potential for the creation of new jobs. Already 6.6% of self-employed people in the European Union were born outside of their country of residence, which is more than 2 million people. Of these foreign-born self-employed people, 47% were born outside of the European Union. Some studies show that on average immigrants are more prone to set up their own business compared to EU citizens with a non-migrant background.

But 47% of immigrants between 25 and 54 did not attend High School, while 88% of did not attend University.

In order to turn immigration into an opportunity, it is necessary to empower asylum seekers and refugees to develop the skills and to get access to knowledge and support schemes that can enable them to build a solid livelihood, and also create added value. This should include the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs and thus contribute to further job creation. Because entrepreneurship is the best way to ensure the integration and the economic independence of migrants.
We, Mygrants, support all asylum seekers and refugees in building a solid livelihood in a country they desire and deserve to call home.
We offer to immigrants:

_ Fundamental human rights
_ European fundamental rights
_ European asylum system & Hotspots
_ Disembarkation & Foglio Notizie
_ Italian Reception System

_ SPRAR system
_ C3 & Verbalizzazione
_ Access to education
_ Territorial Commission
_ Influencers

_ Identify the opportunity
_ Use the creativity
_ Focus on your vision
_ Value your ideas
_ Ethical & sustainable thinking

This include our online educational platform to give to them the engagement they need, thematic quizzes created to improve their basic skills, trainees services such as an instant customer relationship, study hubs, career services and much more offered by our partners to give them the chance to find the professional opportunity they were looking for!
The service is delivered via mobile phones. It’s free of charge for final users, and it will always be.

To date, we’re testing our services with over 23’000 immigrants located across Italy. Super users include Unaccompanied Minors (UAM) disembarked in Italy.

Caelum non anomum mutant qui trans mare currunt | They change the sky, not their soul, who run across the sea.