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Educating migrant communities on the cultural elements of host countries through language learning. Join the platform now and discover our cultural materials and quizzes.

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Open Cultural Center (OCC) is a non-governmental organisation working towards the inclusion of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers through cultural and educational activities. OCC is active in Barcelona, Spain, and Polykastro, Greece.


Mygrants is a web app created to bring out the full potential of migrants through information and training courses based on adaptive microlearning. Established in 2017, it is the most widely used educational online platform for refugees and asylum seekers in Italy.

Second Tree

Second Tree is a grassroots humanitarian organisation operating in North Greece. They provide access to educational and community-building opportunities to refugees and asylum seekers living in the Epirus region camps.


SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is committed to the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Cyprus. It initiates and implements projects of positive social impact in entrepreneurship, employment, migrant integration, health and ageing.


UAL CEMyRI is a research centre for the study of migrations and intercultural relations. Established in 2009, the Centre’s primary work is to organise and conduct outreach, educational aspects and research on immigration in the Almeria region.


Yourtranslator is an exclusively online and innovative translation service provider covering various languages to and from Greek. The company aims to champion the worth of the profession and art of translation and translators in the global community.


The Slovenian Migration Institute is part of ZRC SAZU, one of the leading research centres in Slovenia. The institute researches historical and contemporary aspects of Slovenian migration, as well as integration support for refugees and asylum seekers.



Data collection and state of the art on how language classes convey cultural education to migrants in consortium countries: Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Cyprus. Experts, teachers, cultural mediators and migrant learners provide information and their experiences on the topic of cultural education


Construction of the Translating Culture training methodology and handbook for teachers and experts. The Training manual for teachers and trainers represents an integral part of language training and courses to introduce migrants to the knowledge of culture and national linguistic tools.


Creation of a digital platform and an e-learning tool kit of the Translating Culture methodology and translated cultural material. TOCL open-source platform offers free access to practical teaching/learning materials and Translating Culture method for professionals, teachers and migrants.






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