Data Scientist

You will be part of the ‘Data Analysis and Reports’ department, headed by Chris, our founder. You will actively participate in decisions on business strategies to be implemented based on the ‘big and small’ data collected, analyzed and interpreted
Your mission
  • design data mining models and custom algorithms for our database
  • design and implement tools and processes to analyze, monitor and predict the evolution of the performance of our Trainees (Users)
  • identify and present useful and relevant correlations by implementing models of customized data visualization
  • design and implement predictive analysis models on the evolution of the performance of our Trainees (Users)
  • design and implement self-learning models of the technological infrastructure
This role is perfect for you if
  • you have excellent skills in the use of computer languages and statistical and analytical methodologies
  • you know a variety of machine learning techniques applicable to the education, job placement and banking sectors
  • you have knowledge and previous experience in statistical and data mining methodologies
  • you can design, develop and implement basic and advanced algorithms
  • you have experience in analyzing data from third-party sources
  • you know how to work independently and are ready for an intense challenge of great responsibility
The selection process
  • 1 quiz module to bring out your knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • 1 cognitive meeting [in person or remote] with Chris, our founder